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What do you do if you are accused of a crime or a family member has been arrested?

Check list in case of incrimination or arrest


Looking for a criminal defence lawyer in Vienna who will provide you with individual support and bring an investigation or criminal proceedings to a swift and best possible conclusion? I will personally attend to your case in every phase of the proceedings. I will always and consistently accompany you to interrogations and protect you from undue pressure and negative consequences.

A stranger to the law? No layman can assess the consequences of an improper, inadequate or completely omitted defence. Trust in my expertise. I have successfully advised on all kinds of criminal matters throughout Austria for over 10 years:

  • Classic criminal law (preliminary investigations, pre-trial detention, representation in court)
  • Drug offenses
  • Offenses against third-party property
  • Offenses against life and limb (e. g. assault)
  • Commercial and financial criminal law
  • Compliance
  • Juvenile criminal justice

In addition, I work with a highly professional team of external specialists including detective agencies, business trustees and litigation PR consultants, who are called upon as needed.

Don’t take criminal cases lightly

A conviction is often not only associated with a possible sentence – be it an unconditional or conditional prison sentence or a fine – but can also impact your entire life and family.

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